Horizon Linux using Flatpak?

I have been trying to look for Horizon on Flatpak, a website where developers of apps add their app to 33 different Linux distros without having to tweak it for each distro.https://flatpak.org/

Would it ever be added to Flatpak where we can download it from Flathub, which is where you download Flatpak apps.

Horizon is no longer being worked on, so this is not something that will happen. There are also a lot of windows dependencies that I doubt were ever made to work on Linux.

Wait why is horizon no longer worked on?

Xbox 360 has been end of life for 6 years now and the majority of game development stopped 8 years ago. WeMod is a business and dedicating more time to a product that basically has no users any more isn’t financially viable.

Well would anyone ever add it to Linux using Flatpak?
As I want to try and get the modded cars on both Test Drive Unlimited games.