Horizon Logos

Here are some Horizon logos for use in your graphics.


Links :
Imageshack - loadinglogo.png

Imageshack - horizon.png

Imageshack - horizonglow.png

Imageshack - horizontrans.png[/details]

you should put around your images

I did but they wont show…if you quote me you can see the code I used

I was expecting something cool :confused:

Anyone can easily Erase stuff


pretty cool but most are the same

Well they are the horizon logo, there is only 1. These are just different sizes and some extra gfx added.

It helps.
There’s some nice Horizon logos for gfx and stuff.
I’m going to recommend this post to my friend so he can make me a Horizon/XboxMB Desktop BG.

did u make these or r u imformin us?

No I received them from Cheater and with his permission posted them here for everyone to use in their graphics.

Nice, been looking for a good render of the logo.

These are cool and a great idea just not very origional or unique very good idea tho

Thanks alot for these :smile: