Horizon Messed Up My Internet

When I downloaded Horizon, it screwed up my internet, and removed the base function that takes me from newtab to Google by pressing the Home button, and downloads that used to be in percent now come up as kb/Mb downloaded.

It is quite annoying. Does anyone have any idea how to undo what Horizon did to my Internet?

its bc when the start up page pop uped for horizon u didn’t un check the checks that say make this your homepage and stuff just go to your pc settings and then delete anything that shouldn’t be there and they should be gone btw if this helped in any way pls give thanks :smile:

You probably didn’t decline all the extra stuff that comes in the main Horizon installer from cnet, and one of the extra things you installed probably made the changes you’re referring to. Go to your control panel > Programs and Features > Uninstall a program, and then sort your programs by most recently installed programs. Uninstall everything that was installed around the same time Horizon was installed and it should fix your issue. You may want to uninstall Horizon as well, and reinstall from the link below, which doesn’t come with any extra junk that you don’t want or need. Good luck, friend.

Download Horizon: https://www.horizonmb.com/client/v2/latest.php