Horizon Mod Tools

Yeah, I was browsing the tools for Horizon and I wanted to know about the Forza 3 mod.

Has anyone used it and is it really legit? Because this would be the only reason I would get diamond.

ive only used the tool once, but yeah it works and is legit,

Nope, 100% fake.

Of course it’s real, they’re not going to jip you :stuck_out_tongue:

This program is made by a really good coder and operated by good members need help to let u’s know we are here to help.


Moddinggamer .

Lol why wouldnt it be real? This is Horizon we are talking about cmon bro. >.<

I didn’t mean fake but not really good. like if it has bugs or can get you banned on Forza’s network, ect. Sorry If I offended people.

It’s k.

I forgive you.

But, seriously, yes it is real, it works perfectly, but you can get banned if you go crazy with your money.

You should buy Horizon! I used horizon(but i ended my subscription because a lack of money) :anguished:
I strongly recommend u buying horizon cause it was godly good :smiley:

I Would Say Its Ok Ive Seen My Friends Use It So Its 100 Percent Legit

I use the forza tool all the time for money credits and its fine as long as you dont go over the top with the cash

It’s the only legit tool out there

That’s what I mean because none of them out there, paid or not, have really worked because of Forza’s security.

Not by one coder, but by four really good coders.

[Unknown v2](https://www.wemod.com/members/Unknown v2/)

It’s awesome and it works. Concluded, close please.