Horizon N00b having issues please help

hi i am trying out horizon and looking to mod some black ops one zombies maps for fun,

i am watching these videos ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djrBg5mAmQw ) and have downloaded horizon and mod files, i extracted them, updated horizon and moved my 360 profile onto a usb stick.

i plugged the usb into laptop while horizon is running

i then try to drag file a ‘saved game’ folder into horizon to start the process in this video and i get an error messgae that access is denied

i have gone into the files separatley and changed the permissions to network service and given full control but it wont let me drop the files into horizon…

im a mac user

very little microsoft skill

never modded before

its making me annoyed as i cant complete the task i want to complete

any help out there?

Either disable Windows UAC or just open the editor you want to use manually.

Have you tried just replacing the gpd file?