Horizon Next Update Preview

Watch in HD!


Additions in this preview:

  • Game Adder - complete with regions, queue, and search. By far the easiest and fastest way to add games.
  • Avatar Award Unlocker - Unlock avatar awards for games compatible in your profile.
  • MUCH MORE drag and drop functionality. For rehasing and resigning, modding games, and basically every form in Horizon.

Very nice. Thank you devs!

Thanks guys for working so hard on Horizon!


Sorry I had to wipe my jizz off when I saw the Avatar Award unlocker.

I was gonna commit suicide. Then I saw this.

When will these be out im so excited =D

Sick! I cant wait for this update:)! Also if you havent purchased diamond, then you really should! It’s all worth the money just to have one program with so much stuff in it!:thumbsup:

More tools for regular user?

Will this fix my Failed to Connect error?

Does anyone know when this will be out? im so excited for it cheater, and all the others did a amazing job! :smile:

Whats in the dirt 2 Mod tool ?

is there an estimated time or date? hopefully soon id be happy with anything


What an update this will be.

i agree if one of the mods can reply and give a date, because in the video it looks finished and ready to released to the public :smile:

sweeet, <3 horizon :smiley:

Can not wait!!

It’s not finished. The game modders aren’t complete. And things are still being worked on/fixed.

I really hope you can mod rank in Medal of Honor…

nice video!!! 5 stars:thumbsup:

Great Job! Cant wait…

do you have any idea how much longer… :anguished: