Horizon not able to read my usb

I’m trying to get XexMenu 1.2 for my Xbox 360. But i have a problem, the problem is that when i put in mine usb it won’t pop up. I have looked all over Youtube to fix this problem. I have gone in to the Xbox and configured the usb and that did not work. I have tried to format it to NTFS that didn’t work either so i don’t know what to do. Please can somebody tell me what to do to fix this. Help is appreciated.

I also wan’t to say that i have tried to run Horizon as an administrator. I can’t find the problem. I don’t know what to do. Please help somebody.

Im having the same issue and have tried formatting it to the computer, Xbox, hell i even went and bought a new one and it still didn’t work. My guess, is that Horizon is having trouble identifying the USB itself as an Xbox storage device. My advice is to try and pack your USB full of random crap that will force Horizon to recognize the usb as a storage device for the Xbox. Other than that, I don’t know what to do for this problem.

u can only run XeX menus with rgh jtag or flashed xbox the vids u see are clickbait sorry mate but many people fall for it as did I

The issue was that horizon didn’t detect the flash drive, not that xex menu showed as corrupted.

Anyway, this thread must be 2 months old now. @Chris

but even if u did get horizon working u wont be able to use xex menu anyway