Horizon not detecting USB Flash Drive

Ok so I have tried literally everything. I have run as an administrator, I have put the USB in different ports, I have re-formatted it on my pc and put it back in my Xbox to fix it, still nothing. I need to get XeXMenu 1.2 on my JTAG. Is there still a way or is it garbage now. By The Way, when formatting my USB on my xbox it does it differently which is kind of weird. When i put my USB in my jtag it does not say USB Storage Device, instead it says Unformatted. I don’t get the option to conifgure now or customize, I have to press Y and format and its done in 2 seconds but i know this should take longer. Then it says USB storage Device when done and not a Memory Unit. Is there a way to fix this as I beleive this is the reason why Horizon doesn’t detect my USB

Is your RGH/JTag on the latest dash? MS released an update that changed the format of USB and Horizon has been updated to match it.

Its ok, I just looked at another thread and I got the most recent version of Horizon. Thanks anyway. Only thing is that XeXMenu crashes if my USB is not in… Strange.

Hi i still have my issue with horizon not detecting my usb, i have tried a drifrent usb slot and drive, my dashboard is version 2.0.17349.0 with aurora, my usbs are on defaut fat32, my horizon is…