Horizon not detection my USB

Hello guys! Today I’m in horizon and for the past 2 days horizon won’t fully read my configured usb I see the green bar reading it when i first plug it in but then it stops like it’s being blocked. I’m using a friends laptop and had the horizon folders on my other usb so I opened it up. If I have to re-download it I can’t because he isn’t allowed to install anything due to previous things. So any work arounds?

Is the Horizon you have the newest version? MS had an update to storage a couple months ago and Horizon had to be updated to read it. You can also access your drive from windows device explorer.

Yes it can be accessed. Well I found something out I tried party buffalo and xtaf usb explorer and it won’t even pick up my usb at all I tried it with other usbs still the same issue.

As far as I know party buffalo and usb xtaf aren’t being updated anymore. The USB format changed so it can longer be access by tool that haven’t updated.

Oh ok. I’ll try this on my pc at home. In 3 days. It’ll most likely work because it’s the latest installed version. Thanks for the help Chris!

Hi i still have my issue with horizon not detecting my usb, i have tried a drifrent usb slot and drive, my dashboard is version 2.0.17349.0 with aurora, my usbs are on defaut fat32, my horizon is…