Horizon not Installing

I have been trying to install Horizon from the installer that I downloaded from the website and it is not working
Here’s the error message that’s popping up
Lua Error!
[]Error Evaluating startIntegratedOffer(13304754,2155,false) –
urce.exe.nsi:Line 1822.3
ERROR:[string “C:\Users\MyName\AppData\Local\Temp
snBE6F…”]:149: bad
argument #2 to ‘addConnection’ (Object type is wrong)
Please help

Download Horizon from the link below and it should install perfectly. If you need more help just ask.

Download Horizon Here

I need more help. Download speed is good, but I am getting network error with antivirus and firewall disabled. Exact error message: Failed - Network Error. http://prntscr.com/5h2blo

I closed Skype and the process got much closer to almost downloading the setup but it still got a network error.

Thanks a lot for that Steve. Worked perfectly