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Horizon not opening in Windows 10


I have a problem with horizon in Windows 10, before I create this topic , I have search in the community for solutions but it seems none of the solutions that have the same problem as I do worked.
In Windows 10 1809, I install .NET Framework and also installed all the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 to 2019. When I was in windows 10 1809, I have installed all the updates and still not opening Horizon. After some days of use, Windows Update show the update for the Windows 10 1903 and them I update and the program just opened but the update was lag my computer so I decide to make the clean installation and install the same updates as I do before.
But, in the final don’t work and I can figure out, what is the problem. Today I’m in Windows 7, can you guys look into this problem please.

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