Horizon not replacing file but says file replaced successfully and invalid STSF package help

I’ve been trying to mod an xbox 360 borderlands 2 save game. i mod it with gibbed, save, and for the past 2 days i’ve been trying to replace the file in the contents tab. when i go to replace it i select and replace but it isn’t changing the file, when i save R&R it stays level 28 (note that i’m trying to make it lvl 72 with same character and new guns and items) its a brand new horizon from like last week. PLS HELP (also i can’t seem to find anything with borderlands 2 'cuz i feel like it could be different with modding than other games) (if your answer is something like “is it downloaded?” the save is right off the drive from my xbox and i wish to mod it then upload it to xbox one) (another note, when i try to directly drag/inject/do anything with the file i get the common "invalid signature type detected please make sure your file is .LIVE ect.)

While booting a game, you will receive prompt asking you to choose storage device, did you select the flashdrive?

guess i made a fuss over just about nothing, Thanks! it wasn’t updating the horizon list with like a lvl 72 character, and that’s what i was freaking out about. i just havent modded a B2 X360 file in like… 2 years or so, soooooooooooooo, u know just a bit rusty. again Thanks

I have done all this is still isn’t working. I’m using gibbed and horizon but the files are not changing a link to what I followed on YouTube … ( I followed it exactly as author stated . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwHQ2NeX7Fc

@bryeguy2016 You’re most likely missing a step or two. I helped someone with the same issue recently. I’ll link you to the topic below. There’s a reply from me with 8 steps on how to do it properly. If you follow them it should work for you.

Looks like you tried to drag the modded file into horizon instead of right clicking the file you see there and replacing it with the modded one.