Horizon not working

when I tried to run it says acces denied with the error code 0x80070005

infinity is also giving out the same error I am currently using windows 7

Your account doesn’t have the permissions to install programs. Make sure you are using the admin account on the PC.

i am using the administrator account

Disable UAC then. The only thing that would cause both of those to fail install is if you don’t have enough permission to install stuff.

did disable it problems still persisting

Make a new account on your computer. This isn’t an issue with Horizon/Infinity. The error is caused by not having enough permission to create new registry keys. If that doesn’t work I suggest you search google for solutions as there is nothing we can do about that. Also make sure you run the installer as admin.

when i download horizon and i try to open the install it wont even open it will load for a sec but never open and yes i have admin on my account so thats not the problem and idk wat is thats why im here man.

You have something blocking Horizon from loading once it attempts to contact the servers more than likely. Try disconnecting from the internet and loading it. If it loads then that is the problem. If not then you probably are missing a key component that forced Horizon to crash when you attempt to load it which could be a number of things. We normally see this issue on older prebuilt desktops.

some guy helped me and he told me right click the installer and click properties and then click unblock apply and ok and it worked