Horizon offline and isn't updating?

When I open up Horizon it say “horizon has updated! would you like to update it now?” I said yes and it downloaded up when I go to install it it says “the setup files are corrupted. please obtain a new copy of the program” I also tried running without updating and it says it’s currently running in offline mode? please help I wanna mod Forza 4

Try downloading from here, if that doesn’t work please try disabling your Anti-Virus protection and then attempt to download the update :smile:

Still doesn’t work :anguished:

Have you tried uninstalling Horizon then installing from the link I provided (here)? Also, what AV are you using?

I’m re-installing it now, I’m using Avast but I’ve turned everything off until the next restart.

Alright, be sure to post back when it’s done installing! :smile:

I tried un-installing Horizon and re-installing the version from the home page but it still gives me the same response. I un-installed it again and tried opening the file you suggested but says it’s corrupt and won’t let me open it even when I run as administrator…?

I just got a couple quick questions for you.

  1. What OS are you running on? (Example: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, etc.)

  2. Do you have your Firewall and Antivirus disabled?

Also if you already didn’t try, delete any Horizon installers you might have downloaded on your computer and then try downloading and installing from this link Horizon

I’m running windows 7, no, I’m currently doing a scan but when it’s finished I’ll give it a go, cheers :smile:

Okay keep me updated with the problem.

It’s still coming up with the same error…

Do you mind Teamviewing?

I have no idea what that is…

Okay I will explain it to you.

Basically Teamviewer is a program that allows me to take control of your computer and fix the problem hands on and also inspect the program further and instantly without waiting to receive a reply from me or another member on trying to the fix your problem with Horizon. I will provide a download link below if you want to Teamview, then when you install Teamviewer the program will give you two codes I guess you can say, I want you to send me both of them as a private message. One of the codes is a password and one is just a ID, the password code, after are done teamviewing, could be reset to a different code for I can no longer take control of your computer without your authorization.

Download Link: http://download.teamviewer.com/download/TeamViewer_Setup_en.exe

I having the same problem. It was working fine on Windows 8. I installed the update…it seemed like it updated…but the first try opening it…there was no log in tab…i uninstalled…deleted all previous setups…disabled antivirus (malawarebytes) re downloaded…installed…now it pops up a window for a split second…program did not open correctly…and it wont open at all…did this same thing 5 times no luck.

Did you download from this link? https://www.horizonmb.com/external/4ffaa6723b1216a292e955da7cb0b9e4