Horizon Offline mode

i need help with horizon when i open the program it keeps saying running in offline mode i have tryed re installing it but it didnt work? :confused:

If you have an anti-virus, make an exception for Horizon or turn it off.

Also run as admin.

i have tryed that still says the same problem

try looking here: https://www.wemod.com/forum/20-horizon-support/23839-ultimate-horizon-support-thread.html

i looked and did what it told me too still giving me the same problem

try uninstalling it then turning off your anti virus when you download it i had to do that with mine because it said it was a trojan… but just turn it off - download - then turn your anti virus back on

go to C:\Users\YourPcNameHere\AppData\Local and locate the files Xenocode and XboxMB, delete both of them and start horizon up again.

Running as admin of course.

tryed that still same error :anguished:

Right click on Horizon, properties, compatibility, run in compatibility mode, windows xp.

btw, what operating system do you have?

already did that still the same problem :anguished:

i think it might be the settings on your computer that’s messing everything up :confused:

Do you happen to have another computer you could try Horizon on?

i only have one computer and all the settings are good i checked them

What is your operating system?

Try pulling the power plug out of your modem, waiting 30 seconds and putting it back in and restarting your PC

bro i have done that and everything numerous times its still saying that same problem >:(

Good luck, eh.

Run it as the administrator.

And if that doesn’t work turn off your firewall, Try disabling you’re anti virus

Then run Horizon, are you on the latest version of Horizon?

Dude, all of that has been said and confirmed it didn’t work. That’s not helping! >_>

What is your OS?

Lol, and you think unplugging his modem is going to work, his trying to fix horizon, not his connection on Xbox live… Obviously one of does things must have worked, if it didn’t he would have replied back.

OT: Disable you’re firewall, anti-virus, and try adding an exception to Horizon to your anti-virus, then re-download horizon and run it as administrator.

Need I go on?

Resetting your internet connection can work. It is OFFLINE meaning not connected to the servers, which you happen to need internet for.

Edit: MY GOD. Stop repeating people.