Horizon on mac?

Is there anyway of getting horizon to work on a mac? :interrobang:

No, unless you use a virtual PC.

Your best chance is using BootCamp

Only got a mac other pc and laptop broke… so basicly im screwed. lol:thumbsup:

What’s that? :confused:

A virtual pc is like bootcamp where you run Windows XP on your mac through a program

If you want to run a virtual PC, try Parallels, VMWare or VirtualBox (free).

Technically since BootCamp lets you run Windows on a Mac natively, it’s not a virtual PC. But it is a solution nonetheless.

mac = fail

mac does not = fail actually, i have a mac and run bootcamp with windows i have the best of both worlds :smile:

I use VMWare fusion to do it.

I Only Use Mac For Photoshop.

A Mac version would be nice, but yeah I use bootcamp as well.

Stop being so narrow minded.

Anyways, use Parallels.
It’s better than Bootcamp.

Download a torrent of VMware and a windows install disk. Burn windows to a disk and use that to install on the cracked VMware. Enjoy running windows on your mac in a separate window =)

Doubt it will happen… I believe Horizon is coded in .Net, limiting it to Windows. Porting it would probably be a huge hassle.