Horizon on Mac?

Would horizon ever be able to run on a mac, besides using VMWare Fusion and going through all the steps to set it up?
I know this would be really hard on the developers, but I’d really like to see it run on a mac.
I would really like to see this and a lot of other people would too
Anyway this is a great tool, and if you can’t, well thanks for making an awesome tool and reading.


We have no plans to develop a Mac version of Horizon. We strictly develop for Windows!

Have you looked into… Mono? And I know that if any of you are in college that you can get a free Xamarin license for cross-platform development.

Honestly, this what I hate about companies like Apple and Microsoft.

“We have the best product, obviously, so we’re going to **** out another language exclusive to our machines. You want to develop apps for iPhones? Great! Just buy a $1000 Mac, a developer license and learn our exclusive language and you’ll be on your way to putting out another sub-par app that might earn enough revenue to break even after about 500 years. And we’ll just wipe our ass with the money we’ve made off you because that’s just how much we have.”

I’m biased towards Microsoft, I really think Apple is just a bunch of greedy **** heads with products that are expensive as ****, albeit quality. I can only shake my head at those who decide to spend $1800 on an iMac because holy damn the kind of PC you could build or even buy with that kind of money is just crazy.

To the OP, you can modify everything about your profile with Velocity, so at least that’s a semi-alternative. Obviously there are no game editors, so you’re **** out of luck there.

You do know some of us just have money for both? I have a gaming PC and a mac that I use for school. There are a lot of window laptops that go well into the 1.5k range. Don’t hate on mac just because you don’t think it is worth the price. I doubt you will see a port of Horizon to mac even using something like mono. MS is trying to kill off 360 so my guess is development of Horizon will basically become updates until no one uses it anymore.

Yes, I’m aware people have money for both.

If we’re attributing value to performance and capability, an $1800 PC is much more valuable than an iMac, even more so when you’re building that PC.

I’m expressing my opinion that I think, if given the choice between an iMac (and please notice I said iMac meaning a NON-portable computer by Apple) and a PC that for $1800, you can get a hell of a lot more processing power, storage and graphics performance than you could ever get with an iMac. Obviously, the average owner of a home computer probably doesn’t need 3 TB of storage and the latest NVIDIA graphics card and they’re just fine with whatever Apple puts in their desktops, and all the more power to those people in the world. But to those who do want to make it worth ever penny, Apple is simply not the way to go.

If you have the money to buy a sick PC and an Apple computer than this opinion doesn’t really apply, because I’m talking about the choice between the two. I just personally believe that it’s waste of money to buy an Apple computer. I think lots of consumers are naive and believe that Apple dominates the technology industry and because they want the latest and greatest, they’ll fork over the money for Apple products. I’m saying they can get the same capability at a much lower cost, or twice the capability at the same cost.

Analytics shows that mostly everybody who visits HorizonMB is on Windows, so we don’t see any reason to support OS X, even with Mono. Although, the introduction of .NET Core may make it easier to do cross-platform development. I’d like to see a cross-platform WPF.

Do you think you and the other developers would’ve built Horizon in another language given that you all had learned that language first? Is there an advantage to using C# other than the fact that you’re all familiar with it?

I can’t speak for Unknown, but I would have done C# if we knew both languages. It makes development a whole lot easier because you don’t have to worry about memory management. Plus, there’s hardly anything C++ can do that C# can’t in some way.

Well, besides cross-platform capability, it’s my understanding that C++ runs faster than C#, but I don’t know how true this really is. That’s just something I read on SO or somewhere.

not true that C++ runs faster in all cases.

i agree with cheater,

as far as horizon goes, c# is the proper choice.

C# is a good choice, but there are plenty other that are just as good.

I’m sorry that the thread got to be like this ;/ going to close this (if I can)