Horizon Package Manager

Say you get banned or flagged in a game.
The game in particular is Forza 3

This is the message…
“You have been flagged by the game’s anti-cheating mechanisms. You will no longer be allowed to use the auctionhouse or any other Turn Ten similar features.”

Can I use the “package manager” in horizon, to make Dave823 account “unflagged” by turn ten, it’s restricted to my gamertag. And if the answer is yes, which would i change, profile, device, or console id?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

just make a new save

Edit : Didn’t know that they caught you by your savegame, so that’s your best option!

I’d say that it would be on their side, that your banned. You can’t change the console ID as far as I know, if you change your profile ID, you have to change every folder so it will be 3 things your editing. Folder, Account and Account ID. But I don’t see how that would work out. Just try it and post your results, so other members can follow, if the come across the same problem!

I don’t think a brand new save would work, It’d be woth a try before using the package editor.

I think if I did change my profile id, Horizon might ban me from using the forza 3 modder for editing multiple game saves, thinking that I’m modding someone elses game save.

I’d like to get a developer’s oppinion.

I’m not sure they will, it’s if you mod too many different profiles. I think Horizon will know it’s the same profile. Using the Xuid.

they would just use a console/device id i think
but its your save game thats banned you just need to make a new

If Horizon used Console/Device, it would be easy to over do the max limit. Just use another program to change them…?

How sure are you, I’m going to backup my save now and try it. I hope you’re right. But it expressly stated your profile. I tried to create a different gamertag and when it wasn’t signed it at the same time as the flagged account I was able to go on the s.f., but if I had the two signed in even before inserting the disc, the new profile would be flagged immediatly

I’ll post my results for the new game save, but I’m suspicious to it being that easy, lol. If anybody else had new ideas ass well, keep posting and I’ll also try those.

thats what i thought
but they would only use XUID if they have a good RC4 decrypter(they do now but idk when he coded the security)

Well I made a new gamesave, and I can now buy things out of the s.f. again, so lets mod the money, and see if I can purchase cars from the auction house.

The game can’t access your profile file. Only the data stored in it’s own GPD and the Meta data of the package.

Every game can get your XUID. That’s what multiplayer is based on.

Sorry cheater, still a newb at this. Could you translate that in a nutshell, xuid, gpd, and meta data.

What does Horizon use to stop multiple profile modding?

I don’t know much about Forza, but if they ban you from multiplayer, they are probably banning your XUID (which you can’t change). That ID is tied to your Xbox LIVE account.

You can always make a new one of course O_o

Yes well I’ve already tried that as we discussed previously, and got a 4 day ban from the forza 3 modder.

OFFICALLY!! It WORKED!!! If this ever happens to you delete the old gamesave, and create a new one. Problem solved thanks to all on evey post.

forza banns yor save -.- as i said 2 times
we was talking about XUID for horizons securuty

Edit your first post, and request a closure of the thread. Then post in another section, games section I think, saying how you fix that problem you got.