Horizon Pro reporting problems option?

So out of the course of helping members with their issues on the site I have been thinking of an easier way to report issues. So everyone knows you can report threads to staff to close, delete, etc and I have been wondering what if there was an option to report a post for a Horizon Pro could look further into the issue. Say for so a member tries to help out another member with their problem or a Horizon Pro needs another Horizon Pro’s help or so, they could just report the post with the specific problem the member is having as well as with details on the issue. This would make it easier for Horizon Pros to help members with advanced problems as well as fixing problems a lot faster and identifying them faster as well.


It sounds like a great idea. I’m not sure exactly how other staff members get reports that members send, but if every Horizon Pro got a PM with a link to the thread reported it would probably work very well. Again, great idea Nick, you’re always using your head.

A thread is created in the staff section, which is then locked once it’s been dealt with. I imagine if this was implemented there would be a subsection in your Horizon Pro forum.

You only have one section to moderate, I don’t see the need for a report button when all you have to do is read the threads in the Horizon section.

Yes I understand this… But I may add how hectic it could get at times, maybe you should ask the other Horizon Pros. The section could get pretty busy let alone there has been many members bumping old threads in that section as well.

Pretty much what 2Faced said. It seems to me that there’s still quite a lot of posts regarding Horizon, but it’s nowhere near the amount that there should be a problem moderating them or seeing the recent threads there. With all the staff and Pros, you guys should have that covered.

The idea itself seems pretty frivolous, what’s the point of having a report system that collates all the information from a thread, when you’ll be clicking on it and reading it yourself anyway? It doesn’t really help you identify the problem any quicker, plus those reporting may not give a clear indication of what is actually wrong i.e; being too vague on the problem, not fully comprehending what the member having the problem is trying to convey, etc, etc. Seems too much hassle over so little, and then a new reporting function strictly for threads in the Horizon section would need to be coded, tested and implemented. People would get confused between the report function and that, it just over complicates things in my eyes.

Advanced problems? Take it to PM’s or chat clients.

If you guys need each others help, you have a forum, PM system and visitor messages. Utilize them, that’s what they’re there for. You should have a blast chat or something, seeing as you’re all supposed to be part of a “team”. Tackling the issues as a team rather than individually makes a world of difference and negates the need for suggestions such as this, trust me.

Don’t know if you just got Pro or not, but congrats and all that.

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