"Horizon running in offline mode"


Everytime i open horizon beta it has a little box that says “Horzion is running in offline mode, modding tools may be limited” pls help me on this issue as i would like to enjoy ur modding tool to the full extent :interrobang:

It is more then likely your firewall. Add an exception and see if it works.

yeah i gave it full access on all ports and it still dont work

What AV and Firewalls are you using?

um excuse my noobness but wat is that

What virus protection do you have? Norton? AVG? thats what he is asking…

Norton sorry

I have Norton and it works just fine, try turning off norton for a minute to see if it works.

Huh it worked but i thought i gave it an exception

this happend to me but i have microsoft security thingy and i dont no how to turn it off and wat is a firewall

If it just happened today, it’s probably because of the server move. Wait 24 hours.

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It says it’s on offline mode but idk what firewall I have.
Email me at:Yoloman572@gmail.com for help.

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