Horizon saying there's not enough memory on HD when actualy there is

As you can see my HD have 150 GB of free memory but horizon only recognizes 285 MB, so when I try to inject a new file in there I got an error saying “There is not enough space on your device to inject the following package”

How do I make it recognize all the 150 GB?

Are you sure that H: is your flashdrive?

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Was the flash drive formatted by an old Xbox or hasn’t been formatted in a while?

Before a specific dashboard update, the console would allocate a fixed amount of space on the flash drive for storage. In later dashboards, the entire drive storage is used.

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That might be the problem, I don’t even remember the last time I formatted it.
It will be a pain to backup 300+ gb but I think its the only way.
Thanks for the quick reply :+1:

If you reveal hidden files, you should see a Content (new) folder or an Xbox 360 (old) folder on the flash drive.