Horizon source code

Hello everybody, I am trying to understand how to manipulate the Sabouter savegames and the only tool that let you to do that between the various consoles/pc is Horizon.
As the last update looking at the binaries is 2017 maybe it is possible to release some code about how savegame are manipulated and not the whole tool.
My idea is to change perks and other things and not just contrabands for this game but I don’t find any info how the file is structured.

We cannot release any parts of the Horizon source code, even if we could it wouldn’t provide anything useful for what you are looking to do.

Free60 has general data on save structures but the majority of it up to the game developer so you will need to do your own research to figure out how to change perks and such.

Thanks but it is very sad as I am getting a system.outofmemoryexception so I cannot change the savegame.

It is very sad that all this knowledge on reverse engineering all this games is blocked to extend it in other ways. It is not possible to get any hints from the tool?
The majority of tools for xbox360 are not disclosed about how they works so it is very difficult to do anything…

The only thing it would contain would be the offsets to the cheats that are already there but as I said we cannot release the source for it.

Well I can get them if horizon doesn’t crash as screen when I try to edit a savegame for saboteur.
But looking at the savegame it is not just changing an offset but the data are kind of encrypted/compressed.

You will need to use something like IDA Pro to get the encryption key from the game’s exe and decrypt the save before you can edit it.

So there is an encryption key in the game, at least is an hint I can look into.