Horizon stays in offline mode

ok so i downloaded horizon
-stays in offline mode

i disabled then uninstalled antivirus.
disabled firewall
restarted computer
uninstalled and reinstalled horizon
reset modom
ran horizon as admin
-still in offline mode
horizon is an exception through firewall even though firewall is disabled

cant seem to get this to work.
i am a diamond member

all help is appreciated

thanks guys

Uninstall Horizon, and reinstall after downloading the latest version from the link below. See if that fixes your problem.


yea same error plus that was the same version i had to begin with


fixed my issue

it seems that when i disabled my internet explorer that for some reason it was still being in use???

so i re-enabled it
opened iexplorer
internet options
lan settings button
unchecked proxy server

fixed my issue for some reason

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