Horizon stopped working

I’ve noticed a few people had this happen here lately, but it worked fine for me last night then this morning it won’t.

I’m using windows 10 and I haven’t downloaded anything since the last time I used it. I’ve restarted multiple times and checked for updates. also tried downloading that netframe thing.

ive got the same problem

download horizon fro my link and get .netframework 3.5 - 4.5

Just tried, still no luck.

@lright somethings not right hlrizon works for windows 10 and have you disabled your avg

Don’t have AVG, no Anti-virus active.

maybe you need to listen to more icp

Nah but are you running it as an administrator?


I haven’t listened to icp in forever, but yes, I have ran it as administrator. Should I uninstall it and try to reinstall?

Still no luck, I’ve done everything I could think of on my end. Uninstalled, reinstalled, changed firewall settings, turned off firewalls… apparently some sort of update or something has occurred and it is no longer compatible on my pc at this time.

Delete system32 haha lol just reinstall horizon from my sig

I’ve done that reinstall from the sig thing at least 4 times. It isn’t fixing it.

Do you have any other Windows computer you can attempt installing on?

I do have one in my garage, I’m gonna dig it out tomorrow but idk if it will work. Has hard drive issues.

it does work on my other pc, but this one is a pain in the ass to use. Still doesn’t work on my main.

Are you using the same operating system on both? If not, which one are you using for the pc that works?

the other one is windows 8, not 10 which is my new one. So it isn’t working on the windows 10 still.

Ah ha, I was playing around and by god I found something out. I should become a tech member. hehe, anyway what I did was had to make it where I could see my hidden files and went through my files “C:\Users\1\AppData\Local\Daring_Development_Inc\Horizon.exe_StrongName_oj3dekulwqzgsr0yopf0ih1k4ipdntld” and deleted all the old stuff. Of course you could have probably did it easier by just doing a system cleanup, but that may be a solution for others having this problem. Hope it helps.

That also worked for me. I deleted the old stuff in AppData and Horizon Started Right Up.