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Okay so I have been using Horizon for a few years now and i just have a question for the people that work on it and add to it and what not, simple question, really. Since we have moved on to Xbox ONE, why is it there are only a handful of SE’s (save editors, or “game modders”) for Horizon while Infinity continues to get expanded and revamped? I joined this community in '11 or 12 and I swear, the choice of games for modding I had then, I have now, and since I joined, I have changed computers twice! So, yeah, if somebody can clarify why there aren’t any modders for, say, Rage, or Diablo, or let’s go retro,anyone hear of The Walking Dead Survival Instinct? Or, hey you’ll get a kick out of this one, The Sims. Just…try not to attack me, I am sincerely curious why the library of 360 editors hasn’t expanded

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My point is, I think it is pretty cool that there is a community dedicated to modding. The thing about is when I want to mod gears of war, I come to Horizon. Borderlands, Horizon. When I want to mod Dark Souls I have to go to a different community and download a tool, so I can use Horizon to extract my file(s) to mod it. When I wanna mod Rage, I go to ANOTHER community for the tool. See where I’m going with this?

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Xbox 360 is obsolete. Hell, the original ps4/xbox one are almost there too (devs seems to be focusing on the pro versions).

PC is here to stay so they are focusing on that. They hired people to work on pc trainers and fired(?) the xbox 360 devs (except Unknown, unkown is still around working on Infinity and some trainers).

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lack of demand, to summarize what snake said

I have an xbox 360 Slim 4GB with 500GB drive, two wifi controllers, Kinect and Race wheel. I have well over 1000 titles many of them digital downloads which I cannot resell.

I have a large investment and plan to use it until it breaks. I had all the game saves I needed (I thought I did, didn’t think Modio would shutdown!!) and was just getting ready to become VIP when it shutdown.

WeMod is not supporting Horizon and for the 10-20 games that have an editor to mod saves it is not worth paying for it. There is no information on how to extract GPDs or other files and then edit and re inject modded files back into the xbox encrypted file.

With Modio, I could search for a game I needed a save for, what level I wanted, resources offered, infinite ammo, health, ect. I could care less about achievements, they are meaningless now that Microsoft no longer allows credit towards new games and addons.

So, I am asking, waiting for Modio (Gametuts) or some other group to restart a Modio type of site for the xbox 360 / xbox one and PC.

Infinity, the couple games I have for the PC that actually will run on my Laptop the hot keys that are supposed to activate the “features” for more gold, ammo, health etc crash or just don’t work.

I would be glad to use Horizon and pay month;y if I could see more than a dozen games lit up green and not grayed out.

Infinity will not help me enough, The games I like need either a console or a high end PC and then I would have to repurchase all my favorite games, what really stinks is the newest games could be offered on the xbox 360 Slim (with down graded graphics) but that’s not even considered.

The whole industry has gotten greedy and sloppy. I thought about uploading my screen dumps of the games I have saves for and show how only a dozen or two even have green next to them and of those most require paid subscription to even open the editor. Of those, only a handful actually deliver and work as described.

I have paid for Wemod before they went “Pro” (another attempt to squeeze more dollars while delivring not much more than before) and made attempts to use Horizon and Infinity and I get no real value for my dollars as things are now.


It was like a dream come true, search for a game, find just the right save at the right level with plenty of resources so you don’t have to GRIND for days, months, years… Most games I just quit trying to keep playing. Too hard even at casual or “easy” mode. I don’t think games even have a mode where you can play, progress to the end in a casual play at your own speed.

And who really wants to rip open their xbox and try to hack it just to have a way to play the games you pay for but which are too hard to play or require endless grinding to find enough resources to get through the game. It seems like it should be a no brainer, if you don’t like to play on easy mode, with infinite ammo, plenty of gold, credits, experience, blah, blah, then DON’T!!!

Why make it impossible to play like that?? I pay for the game, I deserve to play it the way I want to play it.

I don’t want to hack into my box and risk getting banned!!!

They are businesses looking for profit so why would they waste their resources supporting a obsolete console? I get that you have spent money on the system but it is just irrelevent. Computing technology is constantly moving forward, a computer is not a long term investement.

Xbox 360 is dead, most people have moved on. I recommend buying a pc if you want to keep your games between upgrades.

Also, this site was for horizon, not modio. So go complain to someone else about modio shutting down. Not that they will care, they shut it down for a reason.

What do you mean " hack my xbox and get banned ? Ummm no you will not get banned hacking your xbox 360 thousands have a jtag or rgh . What you do with your console is your busness i have had a rgh for years and never got banned if you dont go online. Then you can use trainers to play your games