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Horizon Support | Ultimate Help Thread

  • Type of Problem : Not Loading, Nothing Happening after double clicking
  • OS : Windows 7 x86
  • Antivirus/Firewall : Kasperky, but i turned it off
  • Errors : None
  • Extra Information : try to run as a admin but it’s still not reading my xbox.
    P.S. my computer and xbox are connected by usb.

  • Type of Problem : Can’t drag file over to SaveGame to Rehash
  • OS : Windows 7 x86
  • Antivirus/Firewall : None
  • Errors : Invalid signature type detected for the loaded package.
  • Extra Information : Try modding a file for BL2 and when I tried to drag it the Error appeared. Also if this helps the file type that it opens as has changed for some reason.


I need help every time i try and install it says unable to connect to servers, anythought? I dont have avast so its nothing to do with firewalls, Also im on windows vista


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  • Type of Problem : dont update the game list after I copy games to HD.
  • OS : Windows 7 64
  • Antivirus/Firewall : Avast
  • Errors : None
  • Extra Information : try to run as a admin but it’s still not updating the game list. On XBox I see all games, even the new ones.


What exactly are you trying to do? If you’re tying to add games and expect you can play them it’s not going to happen, sorry. Be a bit more specific and maybe we can help you out.

  • Type of Problem : Achievement Unlocker is not updating the “last played games” list after modding achievements.
  • OS : Windows 7 64
  • Antivirus/Firewall : Avast
  • Errors : None
  • Extra Information : Trying to run the programs as admin, and fix gpds but it’s still not updating the list. On all Xbox hardware and software, the list is still shown as not updating.


hi Horizon is telling me that i need to update but the update is corrupt and when i download the file from the front page it is flagged as a trojan and removed.

i am running

windows 8.1
Avg & Malwarebytes
all fully updated.

any help appreciated, please note i will not be disabling firewall or antivirus.


*type of problem, update does not open/install. horizon works fine in offline mode, however install file does nothing at all when i click on it.

  • os Win XP
  • avg free 2014
  • All above installed on a fresh winxp installation, and switching avg off makes no difference


Completely uninstall Horizon and try downloading from the link below.


Ive not been able to download this onto my chromebook , any suggestions. I need horizon on my xbox360


it says it doesnt support it . I even used another computer and downloaded it onto a flashdrive and its not showing on the xbox360


You don’t use Horizon on your 360, you use it on your computer to mod saves/profiles that you put onto your flash drive.


Have done above and still same. no reaction at all from install package…


Try this, credit to iReapz98. It worked for a few members recently so it may work for you.

I had the same issue. Download the setup file from Steve Wonda’s post. Here it is if you can’t see it:

Look for the setup wherever you saved it and you’re going to want to right click on it then select properties.

After you’ve done that look around for a button saying “Unblock”. Press this then press “Okay” or “Apply”.

Make sure you’ve uninstalled Horizon then click on the setup and it should install fine. If it glitches on the .NET Framework bit then use task manager to close it and download it manually here (If you don’t already have it that is)


how can i get diablo 3 mods on horizon?


Horizon doesn’t have a Diablo 3 save editor.
Here’s a download link for Jappi88’s Diablo 3 SE:
For instructions on how to use go here:


Hey guys, I downloaded Horizon and it says, “Safari can’t open the file “horizon-setup.exe” because no available application can open it.”

Does it not work on a Mac? I want to update rosters for MLB 2k13 and I’m pretty new to this. Thanks!


Many thanks, it was indeed blocked, how i didnt spot that god knows, lol. Thanks again for your time