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Type of Problem : Not Loading,
OS : windows 7 ultimate x64 (64-bit)
Antivirus/Firewall : avast. firewall windows does not see horizon
Errors : None
Extra Information : horizon is crashing in 3-5 seconds after startup


I’m having trouble using horizon to get my .sav files from borderlands 2 transferred into gibbed… I can copy the files from my 360 into the flashdrive, find my file on the flash drive, however when i try to extract and replace the previous .sav file it says error “The process cannot access the file E:\content\ … because it is being used by another process.” I don’t have any other applications open and I’ve even went into task manager to make sure there isn’t anything else running. I’d greatly appreciate some help.Thanks


When I try to purchase Diamond I always get the following error message;

I used 2 different DEBUT cards. But no luck. Need help about it.




I need help it says an error occurred while writing back to the loading page please help! :sob::sob::sob:
(and it only works on castle crashers but for dragonball xenoverse it does that)


Hey, just need a quick answer for Halo 4.

A while back my friend gave himself all the armour unlocks in the game. He now wants to remove all the modded unlocks because he fears he may be banned when the game goes backwards compatible. How would he go about removing just the modded unlocks?

I suggested that if he were to removed ALL unlocks and then connected to Xbox Live, the game would sync with the unlocks he should have and fix it that way. Would that work? Or is he going to have to go through and individually remove all the modded unlocks?

Thanks in advance.


Type of Problem: still offline
OS: Windows 7
Antivirus/Firewall installed: Firewall offline / no Antivirus installed
Errors: failed to connect to the server / horizon is currently running in offline mode

Type of Problem:
OS: Windows 7
Antivirus/Firewall installed: Firewall offline / no Antivirus installed / started as admin
Errors: user account controll

he cant find my usb stick…

  • Type of Problem: (Crashes when I try to use Game Adder)
  • OS: (Windows 10 Pro)
  • Antivirus/Firewall installed: Malwarebytes and AVG
  • Errors: (The given key was not present in the dictionary)


Delete your profile and recover it.


error while injectin fatx:invalid end-of-file for file size 00000000 someone help!!!