Horizon UI Adjustments

What changes do you think Horizon’s UI should get?

Post as many as you can think of in this thread.

The changes should make Horizon easier to use.

Pictures would be helpful if it’s a big change.

We’re working on something cool :wink:

Add more cats. :smile:

I would personally like to have the options like the ones above to look different maybe have updated pictures and change the design if possible.

I can’t find a spot for them that looks better. Any ideas?

Not sure if it can be changed but when you minimise Horizon, it puts the list back at the beginning.

Example being.

Notice I’m there but when I minimise, it goes back to the start.

Can we use different UI library or we need to stick to DotNetBar?

I’d rather stick with DotNetBar. What else did you have in mind? A lot of other controls take up more space.

Not at the moment sorry, If i get some more ideas i will let you know!

“Horizon easier to use” it had been cool :smile:

Maybe add a search feature for the tools? That combines them all.

Sometimes I look for the wrong tool and it ends up being in a different tab. This could also help for when there are more tools added. It is not necessary but just for convenience.

There are a few tools that are hard to click on when you scroll.

Also, instead of the silver color, you guys should make it like a dark, neon purple. :smile:

Don’t do that lol keep it light and clean.

  1. Organizable mod tools, drag and move somewhere else so you can easily access one you use most often. 2. Favorites favorite favorites: Favorited items appear first in the category. 3. Last used tool menu: This one is a version of both of them but the only differece it shows the last 10 used mod tools and clicking on them can open the file with the tool last opened or just the tool.

Personally these are my suggestions. Favorites would totally make it easier to use.

I know that you have said that a scroll bar for the tools isn’t manageable in the pass, and this probably won’t either, but anyway you could click and drag the tools to navigate through them?

Give us some more options for the color of horizon. instead of grey,blue, and white

Horizon needs more dinosaurs.

Make it look like Steam. Just change the colors and ****.

EDIT: And more dinosaurs.

Telerik, I know DotNetBar has mostly the same controls, but the themes are really different and I think you could do something pretty amazing and refreshing with it. If we have to stick to DNB, I would change the little arrows to navigate the tools pages for a scroll bar and maybe add a drop down menu for games that have multiple tools.

-Have more Themes for display on the Horizon we choose our own colors for display
-a Drop down Menu
-a Auto slide instead of clicking left or right on the arrows for mod tools

-a A-Z to find out tools quicker
-the upgrade button instead of blue make it a good neon green
-We pick the background instead of those boxes
-When you open up Horizon you hear that theme song from

not the picture but the music in the background when you open Horizon up you can turn it on or off button on next start up
-Upcoming mod tools in the next M/D/Y or unknown ETA
-Suggestions box for members to suggest but cant be fluttered with same mods that are in there saying there EX says Skyrim in the box and someone else types it in it doesn’t allow it to be in there twice
-Saw this on the forums a Instant messenger system like we had before a long time ago
-if your using a tool says some kind of a attention button and makes a backup on a save for a game automatically
-Having Twitter back so members can post what Horizon should have
-Having the ability for Diamond members and other staff members to be able to chat
(last time twitter was something added was 22 days ago)
-make it so its like a mac or windows 7 sort how you want them
-This is Influences idea but going to tweek it, it could be for favorites, a drop down menu of what your favorite tools are
I’m Personally trying to make Horizon a lot better

Not really apart of the UI but: