Horizon UI Redesign


Only took a year and a half to post.

Looks great Luke, simplistic and a very nice and clean design. I r8 8/8 m8.

HOLY SHI* that is the most coolest program in the world I really hope it we could get it that way btw what is that misc thing ?

Sadly, it would take months to re-design Horizon due to all the editors.

im willing to wait sir :smiley:

I remember you showing me this ages ago, looks very nice and would be an improvement on the current design imo.

Looks Sleek and Modern, should be implemented in to the program !

I don’t know if it should be the default for everyone to use. It would be better if you can select from a list of themes that the community has put forward toCheater912 and he has approved of.

Of course though as it has been stated already, this will take time to implement so if this idea was to go forward then all graphic design is to be done by qualified members.

I think I like this better than the current design. 10/10 would use and would bang.

I don’t think so. Of course I could be wrong, but honestly if we’re excluding the time it would take to design and develop all the controls, I think that one person could bang it out in a day.

I see you put some more time into it. Looks good man!

I sent this to cheater a few months ago and it’s what he said

Ah, I stand corrected.

Well, nevertheless I think it would be a cool design.

I like the way it looks…as long it gets rid of what I have going on with Horizon!

Open Me

Seriously though, it does look very nice and could be what we see Horizon turn into once the X1 is cracked.
Thanks for sharing!

Looks sweet if this is implemented I would love it to be in a options menu because a lot of people like the older UI :smile:

Looks great, would be nice with an theme menu. but wouldn’t that require a re-design of the site theme as well? And i think the colors is a bit too similar to modio’s.

Anyway, would be great if users got an option to use completed UI’s like this one, but it would probably take some time.