Horizon Update Error

I get this message when trying to install the latest version of Horizon:

I installed many versions from the website and the error happens every time. Please fix this.

Is anybody else getting this error?

I tried it on my laptop. Different browser, computer, and my brother’s account. Same thing. So I would imagine everybody has this issue. :anguished:

Can you right-click the installer, go to properties, and tell me the exact file size it says? Thanks

Also when opening the setup file it looks different. The publisher is not verified or anything.

Here you go.


Sorry for posting so much… But I also found a virus in the setup file.

Thanks. It should be around 12MB. How long does it take for you to download it? It’s possible that the Web server kills the connection after 30 seconds or so.

And damn, we have to update that copyright lol

It takes around 3 minutes. But the connection is never killed or anything. I have always had success downloading Horizon and other programs.

It’s definitely the slow download speed. I can increase the timeout.


I’m out to eat, so I’ll do it in about an hour.

No problem. Take your time. :smiley:

Have you tried downloading it from here: https://www.horizonmb.com/client/v2/latest.php

Yes. It asked me to update after I downloaded it. And then the same thing happened.

2.8.6 is the newest version and that is what the link downloads for me. It shouldn’t be asking you to update after downloading it. Did you uninstall the old version before attempting to install the newest one?

Yes. I tried it again and only the error message popped up saying the files are corrupted.

Well I went ahead and reuploaded it to mega since Cheater isn’t currently home.

That works on my computer just fine.

Thank you so much. It works. You should make a thread about this so other people that can’t download it know where to go. Thanks! :thumbsup:

I upped the timeout to ten minutes. The site also supports HTTP/2 now :smile: