Horizon Update

Hey well i have been trying to start up Horizon but what happens is it says this

“Update Failed”
“Horizon was not updated”
“Would you like to update manually?”
“Yes” “No”

even though i got the new update already so i tried hitting “Yes” and reloading it then it worked and i would shut it try to reopen in then it would happen again so i tried restarting my computer and it didnt work … what do i do?

Redownload it from Here

Have you got .NET Framework 3.5 installed? That’s what you need to successfully run Horizon. Also, make sure your anti-virus software isn’t blocking you from having access to the tool, if you have one. I’d suggest redownloading Horizon completely rather than updating it, you have a higher possibility of it working correctly. Download Horizon version 2.2 from here.

You can download .NET Framework 3.5 here,


Let me know how it goes.

To resolve this issue, simply download Horizon from here.
Your update issue will be fixed.
Make sure to run Horizon as Admin.

Thanks so much for trying to help but i have tried literally everyone’s link and idea i discovered an error with my .NET framework so i repaired it then restarted my computer still not working

Are you using an anti-virus software?

What’s the error now?

yes i do havent checked if thats actually the problem so i’ll update you on that once i check on it

Alright, try disabling is temporarily, run Horizon and then see if it works.

yea… this is pretty confusing and bizarre i disabled it it didnt work… if its not the update , the framework, or anti-virus , or my computer (i have restarted it again) what could it be?

Do you have Teamviewer?
If you don’t download it here and install it
PM the User ID and 4 Digit Password.
I will try and sort your problem out.

The problem was resolved! :smile:
Mods can close.

Ok well thanks everyone for helping and the problem is fixed now and i give full credit to imitate for solving it once and for all

Glad you got it worked out!