Horizon Updating Issues


Thank you.
I haven’t had Horizon installed for like 6 months. Then when I try, it breaks.

Thanks Cheater! Much appreciated.

Is it save to use the Version Its such a great tool. Hope you will find the problem.

Thanks Cheater! Love ya < 3

The latest version is working fine!

So no free Fifa 13 VP editor :anguished:

Thanks a lot, Cheater. Much appreciated on the fine work. It actually runs better than it used to for me.

I’ll fix that tomorrow. I haven’t had much computer time today :confused:

Mostly been out on my phone.

Sorry but Version doesn’t work. I looked in the task manager and “Horizon v2.5.0.2.exe” is running as a process but nothing on my screen. Any idea?

I noticed this earlier, I had no problem just downloading it from cnet though

Still won’t work =( Norton is blocking it. is here ANY way at all that i can even go on horizon offline??

Disable your antivirus then download and run it
on a note to devs
really great job

Can’t disable.

I haven’t updated Windows 7 in awhile. (Can only be installed if I actually go do it myself).

Hopefully that helps.

oh my gosh… lol someone team view me and help please?

Today, I first run Horizon and had the problem after that I updated Windows 7 and now I try to run Horizon but nothing - only a process in the Task Manager - no Horizon Logo or anything else on the screen.

Note: Yesterday (at the evening) I used Horizon and everything works fine! NET Framework 3.5.1 and 4.0 installed.

Thank you very much

Does it work?

Don’t no what happen but I delete the Horizon2.5.0.2.exe and downloaded it again. Now it works - I changed the filename to Horizon.exe and run it with admin rights.

Thanx :thumbsup: But I really don’t know why it works now. Maybe a broken file! Keep up the good work. It’s time to get Diamon status! :smiley: