Horizon v2.2

Horizon v2.2.0.0 has just been released :smile:

It includes 2 new editors.

Saints Row: The Third

Modern Warfare 3

The Forza 4 editor also now includes an Affinity editor.


Looks amazing <3

Yeah! wait

Cod editors?

Loveeeeeee youusss< 3

Yeyyeyeyeyey! Congrats!

Edit: Add CoD Tool NOW!

CoD? I thought you weren’t allowed to put those editors…
Nice release, nonetheless. I’ll think about using the Saints Row editor when I’m done the game.

Yeah, new point of view on that. Enjoy guys! The devs put a lot of hard work in!

Nice to see you listened to my message about Call of Duty.
Great to see a new update too. I think I may rent Saints Row 3 today.

Ohh, nice update. I love that the SR3 has a spot in it for us diamond members.

Atleast play the game legit once, or play with modded money. The game is amazing going through leveling up legit and what-not. I enjoy it so much.

As for Saints 3, is there going to be an option to have “Infinite Health” ? I’ve seen other editors have that option, no idea if it worked or not though… and what’s this about “Inject Car” option?

Pretty Cool! =)

Even though I don’t play Mw3 or SR3… Still, I’ll play Mw3 eventually so that’ll be great.

I’ve seen a health modifier, so next update will probably include options for no damage/infinite health and a more detailed vehicle editor.

“Inject car” allows you to inject car data you extracted after editing it. This is an “advanced” editor in place until the more simple one is released.

MW3 tool…

Can’t wait to try it.

awsome update, i love it :smile:

So tell us why you have a CoD tool now?
I thought you were unable to make CoD tools, due to legal stuff???

Nice to see a bit of COD in the program now < 3

Thanks devs < 3

This is going to make doing the campaign on Verteran so much easier. :smile:

Thanks Now To Try Them Out :smiley:

Does the cod mod tool work for spec ops as well ?

Very nice tools :smile: Enjoying the Saints Row The Third one now :smiley:… by any chance for a future update on the tool could you possibly add a part to mod like the tire size? its been done before

And just a quick question, how do i make the garage part to work? i extract them then inject the file back into it or what?