Horizon v3 Stats

– Horizon v3 –

We’ve been working on Horizon v3 for the past few months, and I thought it would be nice if we filled you in on some stats! Times will be compared to Horizon v2 (the current, public version). This thread will be updated occasionally so we can show off our progress.

Achievement Unlocker:
1,302 games (42,191 achievements) unlocked from an Xbox 360-formatted flash drive
v2: 1 hour 26 minutes
v3: 11 minutes 20 seconds

Achievement Unlocker:
1,302 games (42,191 achievements) unlocked from local SSD
v2: 22 minutes 12 seconds
v3: 22 seconds

We do not need beta testers right now, so please don’t message me! We will not share anything else for the time being :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing idea Cheater, I was wanting to know the progress so far :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Cheater for sharing.

huge difference! great stuff

This is dope thanks can’t wait to see how it will look after its all done

Oh god I can’t wait :smile:

mmmmmm v3 :smiley:

Good job devs. Nice to see such improved times.

Damn 42,000 achievements in 1 minute. Pretty good.

Do you need anyone to hold the stop watches?

Awesome work Cheater, can’t wait to put it to the test! :smiley:

Amazing stuff nice!

Dont forget to PM me to test :smiley:

Extremely happy you decided to keep the everyday members of the program in the loop and give them a little “Sneak peak” as to what all the devs are hard at work with.

Excited to see the new release of Horizon come out in the future, and see the program become even better than it currently is. Amazing work!

Great improvements.

I remember the first time I tested it, it was painfully long and kept crashing when you were adding all the games.

Would be nice to see a comparison between Horizon and Velocity.

I guess nice, all though I mainly use diamond for download section lol.
Keep up the work cheater912, and all beta testers and Devs.

This is where everyone using the free editors are going wrong. Real quality comes at a price and in this case, the price is completely reasonable. Yo.

Mad props.

I don’t believe they have a FATX class yet. We will be doing comparisons with other tools when the program is in a release-state.

Lol a brand-new Velocity versus Old but Modern Horizon.

Wow, these stats looks amazing. Great work and hats off to the devs! Never disappointed with you guys!

Been tweaking some stuff. Got it under 40 seconds so far!

Today was a success. 22 seconds to unlock everything without compiler optimizations. Going to test it on FATX soon.

Wow speed is improving allot