Horizon Virus?

Downloaded the latest version of horizon on the 1st of July. Went on it 2day (the 14th July) and it alto downloaded a update, now every time I go on it my computer says it is a malware virus and will not start, iv deleted horizon and reinstalled it several times but it still says the same thing.

What anti virus and firewall do you have?

It’s not, what AV are you using?

It’s a false positive, there is nothing wrong with horizon. Add it to your exception list

My anti virus used to say the same thing but it eventually stoped, add an exception to the program and that should fix it. Horizon is not a virus or anything, completely safe.

I’m guessing you are using avast.

Disable the behavior shield and it should work.

thanks, your solution work for me :thumbsup:

I have Avast anti virus and windows firewall. Been using these for a long time no problems.

Works fine now thanks for the tip

Did you do what Chris said? Supposeably Avast has a false positive towards Horizon.

There ya go. Enjoy Horizon.

Problem solved, thanks Chris!