Horizon Vouchers/Redeem Codes

Just had a thought…

Many users occasionally like to givaway a month’s worth Diamond membership for the full features to Horizon. In most cases, the user will have to acces the winners account to enable this. However, some are comfortable with that idea and others are not… So I thought it would be a good idea to create a system where you can purchase redeem codes instead of having to access and other members profile.



dont see a reason not to have them


I think it would work well.

Yes although I just can’t see anything happening. We don’t even have a Destiny sub forum :expressionless:

No, a lot of work for very little gain. There aren’t enough active members that post and enter contest for it to be worth spending all the time to implement.

Perhaps we could implament a feature that recognises a givaway winner and will automatically grant the membership for its said duration? Something to add to the contest engine that becomes accsessable to someone who has to pre-pay for the givaway to begin then when I winner is decided, they will get what the pre-payment purchased?