Horizon will not open

**I have uninstalled and reinstalled Horizon, many times nothing seems to work? **
Please help. I tried going into properties and running it as Administrator and still nothing
I have Windows10

If you don’t have it, try installing net framework 3.5

not sure if windows 10 comes with it


Also, can you try to be a bit more descriptive with your problem?

Does the Horizon logo show up at all? or does it simply do nothing at all?

The more information you can give us about the problem, the easier it is for us to help you.

ive been having the same. it has been working up tell yesterday the horizon logo will pop up then it says unable to connect to server
I also have windows 10 an have for awhile


Try disabling your AV and then open it, maybe your AV caught it for some reason.

Is there anything you did different that might have changed it?

I actually just reset my PC an it works perfect now

Hey. i’ve download the newest one and it work for one day, even time i try it says Failed to connect with sever or something like that

note to self, read first

You don’t need to be online to use the free tools anyway.

It crashes when I press ok

when i try an launch horizon it says error parsing c:/window/microsoft.net/framework/v2.0.50727/config/machine.config

When I try and Open up Horrizon the Logo shows and then nothing, I try again and the same thing. It won’t open no matter what I try… Uhhg):