Horizon Without Administration Privileges

I’m trying to install Horizon, however, my school laptop won’t let me install things without an administrative password so I was hoping you all could aid me in uploading the files that Horizon creates during the installation process. Basically, I just need to avoid the installer.

So if anyone could be so kind to zip up their installed Horizon for me, I’d be more than grateful!

try installing it to a usb device/external hardrive on a non school computer then plug usb into school computer and run it that way it might work

Weird but my computer has my dads password so I cant do that, but thanks for responding.

After unzipping put it in Program Files (x86) and you can create a shortcut by right clicking on the Horizon exe.


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Ill check it out now, thanks

It says I need admin privileges to move it.

Well just run it from your desktop then.