Horizon won't fully start

Whenever I open horizon it shows the horizon logo in the middle of my moniter but shuts down immediatly. Please help!

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Same thing happens here

yep same

Same problem here! Running Windows 10. :frowning:

Run the Horizon program/tool as an ADMIN/Administrator, and disable any Antivirus/AV software installed on your system, including Avast and Windows Defender.

Sometimes disabling AV/firewall doesn’t help, so better turn it OFF, or uninstall it. When you open the tool, does the Horizon process still run in the background ?

You can check this via TASK MANAGER, CTRL+SHIFT+ESC. If the process/task is still running in the background, then kindly kill and end it.

Else, there might be some interference with the Horizon tool on your system, which is preventing it from opening.

I have the same exact issue. Have blocked off my antivirus etc, still loads the logo but not the app. However turning off the internet does allow me to boot the app fine in offline mode. Allthough it’s useless for what I use the app for… Any idea what the issue is here?

Yes I discovered the same, disabling my Internet allows it to load. Very odd! Tried everything else and this was the only solution.

so has anybody figured this problem out yet because im still having this problem myself ive tried everything