Horizon won't install

I’ve downloaded the horizon installer for, so I can use the diamond features but the installer doesn’t start up. I’ve downloaded it many different times but to no avail.

Uninstall Horizon if you currently have a version installed and download the latest version from the link below.


I just tried this installer and it wouldn’t open either.

You may need to delete the Daring_Development_Inc folder from your app data. Copy and paste this, %localappdata% into windows search bar and search it, open the local folder and find the folder mentioned above and delete it. Now make sure that you’ve uninstalled Horizon if you still have an older version installed and delete any installers that you may have downloaded to your computer. Now try downloading and installing from the link I gave you above.

I’ve deleted the folder, uninstalled Horizon, deleted the previous installers. When I try to install Horizon with the file you provided nothing happens.

That’s odd. Try downloading this old version and see it it works and will let you update it.


I’m still unable to get the installer to start up.

Try this:

Look for the setup wherever you saved it and you’re going to want to right click on it then select properties.

After you’ve done that look around for a button saying “Unblock”. Press this then press “Okay” or “Apply”.

Make sure you’ve uninstalled Horizon then click on the setup and it should install fine.

Wow that’s all it took? It’s installing now, thanks for the help.

I am having trouble downloading the new update as well. Ive done everything said on this thread. And still cant download… I get this error message - “C:/Program Files (x86)\Daring Development\Horizon\v2” - every time I try downloading Horizon.

Delete the “Daring Development” subfolder in “Program Files (x86)” and that should fix the problem, if it doesn’t please make a new individual thread for your problem instead of using this thread. Post your problem here if that doesn’t fix your problem.

i am having problems installing horizon. i got to double click the installer and a window pops up saying the installer was unable to access the server please try again later. im running on media center edition 2005. i tried right clicking going to properties and changing the compadibility but no success. i searched an older horizon download it let me install version but it is in offline mode. can someone help me???

Please create your own thread in the Horizon Support instead of bumping a topic. Thanks.