Horizon wont launch

hi can anyone help? i downloaded horizon but it wont launch says not working

You’ll need to give more information than that. What’s the error message and so on.
It’s to vague to tell you what’s the problem

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I’m guessing that the installer crashes and a “horizon has stopped working” error message pops up.

Well I’m not support here but I know that it’s important to know the exact message it gives. Screenshot would be nice aswell if it’s the standard windows message some normal things to do would be Disabling AV/adding exception.
But the message here is rather vague. ^^

Yes, I fully agree. The user requesting support will need to make an effort explaining their issue to the best of their ability. I was just bored and made a guess.

It wont even do anything for me

Loads the logo then says incompatible with your device im running windows 8, hope it doesn’t need windows10 lol

And to make matters worse it Uninstalled the previous version during the update lol

i just installed horizon and framework and i can not open it.

what else is needed to to run the download??