Horizon won't load up

Every time I try to open up Horizon the logo pops up for a couple of seconds then closes

I DONT have anti virus

I have a Windows 8 ASUS laptop upgraded to Windows 10 (64 Bit) any help?


The Windows 10 upgrade to 8 isn’t an issue. Not having an A/V is bad news ( not relevant to the crash being reported)

I would take a stab guess, and suggest that You probably have failed to install the needed Framework.NET packages.
You need to find out if you have .NET Framework 3.5, 4.6 and 4.6.1, to be Up to date.
Supposing (it is most likely the case) that You do not You need to install them directly from M$

I have all of the .NET Framework up to date and still the same problem It’s probably infinite loading times do you know a fix for that?

Win 10 sometimes deactivates the .NAT framework I do not know what type of framework is required by Horizon but it might be deactivated by Win 10
To activate it (if that’s the case)
Go to your settings and search for turn windows features on or off
Activate all .NET frameworks that are listed (if one is deactivated).

@Sykotik Not having an AV in WIN 10 is NOT bad news
Edit: actually in non win versions is it relevant. If you’re stupid you’ll get a virus if you’re smart now

I will only dignify that by simply saying …Not a day goes by where at some point I am NOT completely surrounded by morons so long as I am awake

You and I may understand that concept,that cyberspace is as safe as you make it and only as dangerous as You allow;

However Personally I would prefer to have a good A/V and know that even in the event someone choses to risk there mortality by touching my system that IT is safe even if they probably wont be!

If someone wants to touch your stuff a mere AV won’t help you.
I still have a xp system now 10 years old and never had an AV on it and I used it normally (just didn’t visit those idiotic sites “Free gems for COC yadda yadda”

when i try to open horizon it pops up saying that i failed to connect to the server and it was working fine earlier