Horizon won't open. Plz help!

When I try opening Horizon it shows the Horizon logo for about 1 second then nothing happens.

I downloaded the Horizon Fix tool but it served me no good. Also all my drives/framework is up to date etc.

I tried admin mode, running in comp. for other versions of windows mode but still the samething. Im also running Windows 7 x32 bit.

I downloaded horizon on my dads computer to see if it was a PC or Horizon problem and it opened but it was very slow and kept crashing/cannot contact server issue.

So any help will be accepted since I don’t want my diamond to go to waste.

What anti virus are you using? disable your firewall and add it to your exceptions, if you’re using avast anti virus remove it.

I’m using avast internet security but I disabled it and on my other PC I don’t have avast but I still had problems.

Well you need to uninstall avast anyway since it auto blocks horizon.

Avast! is your problem, uninstall it and use another or disable it completly.

A lot of problems with Horizon are mainly due to Avast!.. well, a few.

Use another one, such as AVG, Norton.

Guys I tried that and still the same problem occured.

Also I turned off my internet and it opened no problem in offline mode. So im guessing Iv been IP banned but for what I have no idea.

Alright, first AVAST is not your problem, I have been using AVAST with Horizon since it came out and had no problems. And there is a tool for this that Thor made

Hope it helps

The only problem I am having with Horizon lately is that I can only use it in Offline Mode. Which is annoying… But I have never heard of anyone with your problem… You should try to delete Horizon and download it again. If that doesn’t work then try to just wait a day or two.

I did that about 20 times and it started awhile ago. :anguished:

Then wait a day or two and see if it fixes itself.

Go to C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local and delete the folders “xenocode” and “xboxmb” then try it, make sure that your avast is un-nstalled and firewall is disabled.

Just tried all of that still the samething happened.

First off all; have your firewall allowing horizon to use any port it wants, both outgoing, as incoming. Second, the only virus scanner I know which doesn’t work is AVG ( because it basicly sucks ). Try to run the troubleshooter, and/or post the result of it here in order for us to help you out more easy.

It has nothing to do with firewalls aintivirus etc. I did it on 3 computers and they have different AV’s or none etc and only on my main PC this one I have the problem with it not opening.

uninstall horizon and reinstall work for me. disable your firewall and add horizon to your exceptions

Guys could you please read all the posts cause your posting the same stuff as other people and it doesn’t work.

Right click on the horizon program, go to properties, go to security and click edit and make sure all box’s say allow.

Yep they all say allow.

Can someone please help me! Nothing is working.