Horizon wont open

hey, my Horizon wont open.
i’ve tried everything, i’ve turned off my firewall, turned off my AVG, and searched god knows how many remedies that dont work. i’ve also tried repeatedly downloading, the page then switches and says “Cache read error”. i also trouble shooted the problem and it says the file is incompatable. the files i have down loaded are labeled “Horizon-setup.exe”.

if i can get any help from anyone ASAP that would be great!

What operating system and .net framework do you have installed? You need to make sure you disable the hot spot shield also.

idk what you mean by operating system and .net framework.

What operating system is on your computer? And if you don’t know what .net framework you have installed you should go ahead and install 3.5. The download is from microsoft.

well, im on windows 10.
im just downloading that 3.5 thingy rn

UPDATE: i have gone on to the properties on the file and unblocked it, but it’s that i dont have permission to access the file :confused:

Are you on the computers admin account?

yeah :confused:

It could be running. Restart your computer and try to unblock it again (without launching the application first)

And you should upload screenshot[s] of the error message[s].

nah man, it wont open

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the process isn’t running in the background. You could check in the process manager if anything launches.

Edit: I can upload the installer to a temporary mediafire link if you want.

hey im on windows vista? i dont know what that means but i have the setup. and when i click open it doesnt.

can someone help QUICK i dont have very long
ps. i cant find the bit where it says to turn off internet

Try this
•Right-click > Properties > Unblock. Then run it again.

thank you very much