Horizon wont open

when i try opening it says its bugged any help

Could you please post a screenshot of the error message or give us some more details about this bug.

2 mins

app has generated an exception that could not be handled
process id=0x1f8c (8076) thread id=0x2458 (9304)

any help ?

Like the other member asked, can you please provide a screen shot with your post? Go to Tinypic.com & upload a screen shot of the error your getting.

How to make a screen shot? Press the “Print Screen” key on your keyboard located generally next to your Scroll Lock key. Then open up any image application like Microsoft Paintbrush, and while its open press & hold “CTRL + V” to paste the image. Then upload that image to Tinypic.com Use the forums like that tinypic.com provides for you, and post it here.

Its that simple!