Horizon won't recognize my flash drive!

I’m simply just trying to mod Forza Horizon 2 but when I plug my flash drive into my computer it doesn’t show up in Horizon. I plugged my flash drive into my Xbox 360 and when I went to my storage the flash drive was already configured which was weird because I’ve never used it before but anyways I moved my save for Forza Horizon 2 onto my flash drive and then plugged it into my computer and ran Horizon as an Administrator and when I went to go browse my flash drive it wasn’t there. I’ve tried everything I know but nothing has worked.

Are you using Windows 10 OS ? What’s the format of the Flash drive, FAT32 or some other ?

Yeah, I’m using Windows 10 and the format should be FAT32.

I formatted my flash drive using FAT32 and it works. Thank you!

Thanks for the update. Glad it is working now.

Fat32 Format it

I just put my flash drive into my computer with my GTA 5 Online files and it won’t connect. I tried many times with and without the files but still won’t work. I’m just trying to hack GTA 5 Online. I tried both 2 of my flash drives. One is exFAT and the other is FAT32. I have tried both. Please help.

If anyone has kik message me at ReaperSkullYT91 so you can help me or talk to me here.