Horizon won't start need help


I ask for a support for a technician using the teamview or other software so the technician will troubleshoot my issue . I look in they posts for a few days and i cant find a solution.

My issue is Horizon wont start

Im not a technician. But would have to guess your antivirus is causing it not to start

I try to deactivate AV and I installed framework 3.51 and I did lot of stuff its why I am asking for a tech to troublesoot that

We do not have “technicians” that can provide 1 on 1 support. Please provide us with more information about the issue. What happens when you try to open it? What antivirus do you have installed? Did you install .net framework 3.5? Have you checked task manager to see if it started but failed to load the GUI?

Hello Chris,

I have windows 7 on a cpu AMD Phenom II X4 820 Processor with 8 gig Ram my program when i start it it give me a message Horizon as stop fonctionning and its not start.

First how can i verified that framework 3.5 is running
Second How to diagnose (get some data) with task manager when start horizon

Thank you verry much for helpig me in this issue

What antivirus you have ? Some are very aggressive
Try this download see what happens



I tried your link to unistall my horizon and reinstall it nothing work. As i say in earlier post my AV is Bitdefender. I tried to stop it and start horizon again always the same.

The next thing I want to try is start task manager to follow the issue concerning horizon stop working but I need help how to do it.

Win 10. Click start type task manager. See if it is running in there
Or alt - cntrl - del- should bring up too been awhile for win 7


I add a movie how i start horizon and after that it disapear, i extand the frame so you look what happen

How can i stop the app task manager running to be able to look what happen. Can i do that ?

How can i find that framework net 3.51 is running on my pc ?


I used task manager and i found Microsoft .net framework Ngen v4.0 and it shows that apk was stopped , and i tried to start that process and tried to start and after it stop again. (see the movie att.

Hey, I found somewhere else the appli that are running on windows it says its activate , i am a bit confiused in task manager i cant start and in windows update its running

@Chris you have any idea ??

I think I found the problem causing Horizon wont start. I made another installation on my other pc and this one work. At the end of the installation it show me a button Finish and i click on that and the window closed.

In the installation on my pc it doesnt show that button finish (see pict attached), but its complete 100 % and i need to closed the window myself

And do you have the same virus protection on the other one ? No ?
Ahhhh thats why !!

Yes its the same protection and its on


This time it seams great , I found that windows generate an error CLR20r3,
in one forum on the net to fix this problem you need to uninstall Framework and reinstall the last driver from framework. I did that and no amelioration.

I put this post in case this issue ring a bell.

signature du problème :
Nom d’événement de problème: CLR20r3
Signature du problème 01: horizon.exe
Signature du problème 02:
Signature du problème 03: 5898a3a4
Signature du problème 04: Horizon
Signature du problème 05:
Signature du problème 06: 5898a3a4
Signature du problème 07: b7b
Signature du problème 08: 0
Signature du problème 09: System.TypeInitialization
Version du système: 6.1.7601.
Identificateur de paramètres régionaux: 3084


I resolved my issue I upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 10 and it works now.

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Ok cool glad you got it working !