Horizon won't start on windows vista

immediatly upon opening Horizon it says it has stopped working and closes

Have you tried running it as the Administrator? Because, I have vista and it works perfectly fine.

It might be your firewall. It’s known to have issues with it. When you want to use Horizon, turn your firewall off, and when your done, turn it back on for safety. Hope it works!

Or add as an exception, but if that fails disable it as 8Bit said. Make sure you have .net framework installed and are running as admin too.

Install .NET Framework 3.5. Restart your computer, and then try. After installing, you might get pop ups from Windows update for .NET Framework, install them aswell.

We need a thread or a manually this gets posted twice a day

Click my Sig, is that alright, it’s a sticky, and still people don’t even do what’s suggested before posting.

It’s because there 10 year old kids that think they can mod when they manage to open horizon XD

Or .net framework might be the way around it.

I had this same problem at first and had to turn off UAC( user account control) for it to work, and for a few other necessary tools to work

What worked for me is install 3.5 net framwork then install 4.0 works perfect now

ok cool, i had to do a 4.0 net framework here recently to use the Fallout NV tool, and after that worked fine,so ya that is certainly something to look into

Turn firewall off then run as administrator if that doesn’t work delete the program and restart pc or mac then follow then firewall off and run a administrator.

That’s all i can think of