App Horizon

Horizon wont start


Hello All Users,

When i try to start horizon , i get a window saying Horizon wont start . And unfortunately it doesnt start.
Please help i need to run that program,.

Thank you for answering me


Get rid of your antivirus. Probably whats blocking it


Hi , i desactivate my av Bitdefender and also the firewall of windows , i add horizon.exe to the exeption list for the firewall windows. It still doent work. Maybe if you suggest me something i can try.

Thanks a lot for answering me


Well bit defender is pretty agressive. Sometimes just deactivating is not enuf.
Same on here with wemod trainers bit defender kills it
Almost have delete it


I will check with the tech support of bitdefender how i can troubleshoot this. I will give you my status


Hi, I Try to contact Bitdefender Support they do not answer me , i think they not returning my question because Horizon thats what i think.

If you could give me some hint so I can try to start the way it should.

Thank you for answering me