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Thought I’d get some feedback from what I’ve created so far, this is only on the first screen. I may or may not include another screen showing the XboxMB logo or something. I was thinking of maybe keeping the same slides but changing the colour for each of them, e.g. one slide is green with a green Horizon logo, red then yellow etc.

Here it is:

I know it’s not much, it’s my first dashboard attempt created in Photoshop. It’s not the correct because I haven’t uploaded it to image shack yet, this is only a preview so I can get some feedback and support on what to add into it. Couldn’t really think of much but I duplicated Horizon logos and placed them on the background then merged them> used smudge stick and then finally gaussian blur to finalise it. I added additional lighting effects for shine/reflection effect.

Constructive criticism/ratings/feedback appreciated. I don’t listen to those who don’t know anything about graphics, it only makes the creation worse upon uploading. Thanks. >.<

It looks nice IMO.

Id give it 7/10

9/10 thats ****ing epic

You guys being serious? :expressionless: You just trollin’? I’m actually a lot better at creating avatars, signatures and banners. This is probably one of my worst creations through Photoshop so far in my own opinions. Anything I should consider adding to make it even better? If you have any ideas then hit me up with a quick reply. :wink:


Horizon letters look weird… idk they seem off…

It looks great Uzi!

If anything I’d darken the backround a little more, make it blend well.
Also I would take the Diamond Gradient off the background of the Horizon text. That’s just a personal preference however.

8/10 othewise (:

It’s okay, but kinda meh. 7/10 for now.

wow thats good 10/10 when u get done be sure to post a download link please:)

Mope seriously i love it


Gimme Gimme Gimmee!

Step 1: Look at your mouse
Step 2: Right click… WITH YOUR MOUSE
Step 3: save image as…

You have now saved the image :laughing:

I’ll probably try editing them soon enough, maybe it’s the glow/gradient coming through from behind the text. In my own opinions I created a bright lighting mood which was too bright to be honest and maybe that’s what ruined the text and also ruined the Horizon logo a little bit, but meh. Thanks for actually telling me what I need to improve on.

Get the paint bucket and put the coloor on a bright green (lime green, etc) and create a new layer and paint the layer with the lime green bucket. Go to the layer mode and set it to “Color” or “Overlay”. If that doesn’t look good just play around with it till you find something nice!

Open Me

Open Me

Open Me

Open Me


I used the second one by the way, also here’s the topic if you wish to save it:



I don’t really like the text. The font is okay, but I don’t like that the text curves more then the banner thing that it is in.
Other than that, I’d say it is pretty good. 7/10

The R in Horizon looks weird.

This looks very nice, I like it a lot. Hopefully you can make/add 4 images

That’s pretty good, Nice job Uzi

I think it would look better if the arc on the banner and text where the same.

If I could **** it… I would.